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Supporting Spotty

Spotty was so shy and so scared the first day he came home, shaking the whole car ride in fear of where we were headed. He quickly warmed up to me and we watched Homeward Bound together on the couch that first night. I learned then and have continued to learn every day that once this dog loves you, he loves you forever, and that as his adoption ad said, he's truly sweet as honey. As some of you may know, poor Spot has been suffering from a leg injury the past couple months, and needs a TPLO surgery to...

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Moose Hunting in Canada and Other Adventures

I haven't updated this blog in over a year after two brief posts, but its something I would like to try to keep up with (even if nobody reads it). The auctions in the area have been few and far between since the holidays, and when they've come up, the merchandise hasn't been worth the trip. It's difficult to justify driving an hour and half and spending three to six hours at an auction just to pick up one or two items - I like to buy in bulk. But this past Monday, my favorite auction house, Broadcove Auctions in...

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Unexpected Pickings in Watertown, MA

Soon those of you local to the Union Square neighborhood will notice some shifting going on with the pop up shops in our basement. New faces are coming in, and some familiar faces are moving on to their next adventures. Be on the lookout for what's to come! To kick off the fresh start down there, I found a great glass display showcase on Facebook Marketplace and arranged to pick it up with my friend Ben (one of the new shop owners moving in to the basement) in Watertown. When my contact Annie (pronounced the Armenian way, Ah-knee) led us...

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The Mid-Century Modern Chairs of My Dreams (And Yours)

John told me about some chairs he had in the attic. He climbed up and brought me down pieces of one. These chairs used a peg system for easy assembly and disassembly without the need for tools, which would have made shipping and storage super easy. The bones of these chairs looked great, and I saw the cushions separately. The whole set-up was quintessential mid-century modern with sexy curves and angles. I was interested, but decided to wait.

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