Auction Highlights for Thursday 5/2/2024

Auction Highlights for Thursday 5/2/2024

It's a new week, and that means a whole new lineup for this week's live auction. It happens Thursday, May 2nd, at 8pm EST right here on! You can also tune in and bid on Instagram Live @memoryholevintage, but is definitely going to give you the best experience!

I didn't end up updated the blog with a preview or "Auction Post Mortem" for last week's show, but it was a fun one! There's definitely been a bit of a slow down in the bidding action these past few weeks, and I am finding that once tried and true items aren't generating the interest they once did. But still, the occasional item will really take off and way outperform expectations, picking up some of the slack left by lackluster results on other stuff. "It all comes out in the wash," I always say. I'm interested and excited to see what this week will deliver.

So far this is shaping up to be a really small show with just a couple dozen items, but I think there's some really fun and interesting stuff so far. We'll see how the line-up grows as we approach show time. For now, have a look at some highlights below:

Handmade Copper Cat Weather Vane Topper

copper cat weathervane topper

I was really excited to find this incredible hand crafted copper weather vane topper depicting a handsome kitty. I'm not an expert on this type of item, but am always attracted to the visually interesting ones. I am not positive of the age of this example, though I would say it is at least vintage, and likely one of one. It would make a great decoration indoors or outdoors, and its 3-dimensional design will give depth to your space.

Antique Saint Margaret Tin Lithograph

Here is a very cool tin lithograph depicting Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque and the apparition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the summer of 1674. I have had a number of tin lithographs over the years, but I believe this is the first example of St. Margaret I have had. It is in good condition, thought there is some wear and bending. It could benefit from a frame, but looks lovely unframed as well.

Mexican "Mascara Con Orejas" - Mask with Ears

This peculiar mask has haunting blue eyes and pronounced, large ears. A label on the back, titles this mask "Mascara con Orejas" - literally translated to "Mask with Ears." Based on the label on the back, I believe this mask is associated with a pre-Columbian agricultural ritual dance called Los Tlacololeros native to the Mexcian state of Guerrero. The associated myth concerns tigers or jaguars that attack crops and livestock, and the farmers' hunt for revenge. More info can be found here.

"Hot Lips" Flapper Girl 1920s Cigarette Lighter

My friend Maddy had this item in her auction a few weeks ago, and it was the first time I had ever seen one. Of course, once you know an item exists, you start seeing it everywhere. In no time at all, I found this example at the flea market this past weekend. This device would have originally had an electrical component that heated up an element to light cigarettes inside the lady's mouth. This one has had all of the electrical innards removed, and is just the case. It is still a lovely decorative item.

Antique Framed Photo of Kittens

18th/19th Century Lock

Antique Framed Illustration of Jesus Christ

Hand Carved Statue of an Eagle Attacking a Wolf

Vintage Doll Pin Cushion

Cast Iron Peacock Trinket Dish

Antique Ornate Metal Cabinet Card Frame

Vintage Pewter Wizard Light Switch Cover - Signed Dallo, 1987

Seeking the Kingdom - Sunday Evening Talks on Spiritual Science by Charles Brodie Patterson, 1889

Two Volume French Book Set on the Life of Joan of Arc, 1905

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