Auction Highlights for Thursday 3/21/2024

Auction Highlights for Thursday 3/21/2024

Last week's show was a sleeper; a discovery style auction, not much promoted, with a larger-than-anticipated turn out, and a better-than-anticipated line-up. As always, I'm on a mission to keep the momentum going this week, and with a great curation of consignments, mixed with a handful of fun Sunday morning market pick ups, I think we're on the way to doing just that.

This week's auction takes place Thursday, March 21st, at 8pm EST right here and only here on!

There is likely more to come than what is highlighted here to start, and there may be a mid-week update to this post, so be sure to check back. I've got my sights on a few more goodies to pad what I think is already a really fun line-up of morbid curiosity.

Here's some what of what you'll find in this week's show:

Victorian Hair Work Bubble Frame, Likely a Memorial

This Thursday we'll have this astonishingly beautiful, detailed example of Victorian hair art. It is a larger than normal example of Prince of Wales style hair work, combined with other styles, measuring 9.5" x 8" and housed under original bubble glass. The presence of a photo mounted at the center, and the single hair color used here, suggests that this is likely a memorial piece dedicated to the photographed child. It is as fine an example of hair art as I have had pass through my hands, and I am very excited to offer it up to you in this week's show.

Vintage Mexican Devil Black Light Velvet Painting

I have seen versions of these around the internet and at flea markets, but this is the first one I have actually had come through. When I got it, I was hoping it would glow under black light, and sure enough when I brought it home and tested it, it lit up like a Christmas tree, elevating an already awesome bit of vintage novelty art. You'll have your shot at it in Thursday's auction.

"Do You Believe in Witches" DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve Advertising Pamphlet

I love this little pamphlet. Like so many odd bits of ephemera with killer subject matter, its an advertisement in disguise. This booklet at once gives an account of the history of witchcraft, referring a couple times to the Salem witch trials, and advertises DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, a "well known cure for Piles." Its got a great illustration on the cover, with hidden witch faces in the smokey border.

Antique "They Are Gone But Not Forgotten" Mother and Father Memorial

This is a beautiful memorial piece that you'll find in Thursday's show. It is made from glitter glued to black paper, and memorializes both a mother and father. It is in very good condition for its age, fully legible and looking great. Come Thursday's auction, it can be yours.

Oval Photo of Baby with Hair Work

This is a lovely little brass framed photo of a baby with a subtle yet skillful bit of hair work included in the frame. This ring of woven hair is carefully crafted into many small bows, intertwined with wire. It is a lovely assemblage of blonde and orange hair.

Carved Wooden Snake Statue

Antique Last Rites Box

Perpetual Care Grave Marker

Antique Brass Art Nouveau Frames

Jar of Dentures

Magnetic Funeral Flag

Metal Casket Key

Louis Suburban (Fair Lawn, New Jersey) Hearse Badge

Metal Bulldog Statue

Antique Ethyl Chloride Glass Vial

Vintage Embalming Trochar

Cassell's Drawing Copies Figure Drawing Book

Grouping of Antique French Lady Postcards

Whimsical Ephemera

Assorted Tintypes

World's Columbian Exposition Chicago Souvenir Folio

Assorted Small Antique Books

Vintage Square Embroidery

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