Auction Highlights for Thursday 4/11/2024

Auction Highlights for Thursday 4/11/2024

Its less than 48 hours til showtime, but I've finally got an auction together for your guys, so lets get right into it! My trip to Long Island for a wedding this weekend turned up zilch antiques wise, as there doesn't seem to be much of a scene out there. But a trip to a fellow dealer's garage-shop today turned up some super exciting stuff, which, combined with some really fun consignments, adds up to a stellar show for the week!

This week's auction happens Thursday, April 11th, at 8pm EST, right here and only here on!

Here is a sample of highlights, but there are even more surprise lots coming than what you see here:

Antique Mourning Hair Work With Memorial Poem

Antique "The Mother's Grave" 1845 Mourning Lithograph

Antique Oil on Canvas Dog Painting

Antique Odd Fellows Lithograph

Vintage 1972 Ziriya Adult Party Game Talking "Ouija" Board

Rubber Anatomical Baby Model

Folk Art Skeleton in Coffin

Folk Art Wood Cut Cat

Interesting Antique Anthropomorphic Map of Europe

Porcelain Skull Jar Topper (Damaged)

Velvet Our Friends Photo Album (Empty)

Packed Long Victorian Cabinet Card Photo Album

Antique Civil War "Tell Mother I Die Happy" Mourning Print

Bliss Engineering Felt Pennant

Antique Father Casket Plaque

1864 Casket Plaque for Lizzie H. Caverly, Aged 19 Years

Antique Funeral Flowers Photo

Antique Framed Photo of People and Dog on Railroad Handcart

Vintage Zarro Funeral Homes Document Box

Vintage Hazard Labels

Antique Pyrography Welcome Sign for Men's Baraca Bible Class

Vintage Sundial, Compass, and Calendar Widget

Period 1933 Anti-Hitler Pamphlet

Various Antique Photos

Vintage Esoteric Pamphlets

Various Antique Books

Unused Civil War "Report of the Sick and Wounded"

Antique Kitty Kat Candy Box

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