Auction Highlights for Thursday 3/14/2024

Auction Highlights for Thursday 3/14/2024

Alrighty, the last couple weeks have been pretty bonkers here on! We've had two blockbuster shows in a row with highlight items that put up some big numbers and were backed by a supporting cast of dozens and dozens of fun, smaller items. Slim pickings at the weekend markets have pumped the brakes - just slightly - on this momentum. This week's auction is going to be a scaled back discovery style show, with just a few highlighted items, and many more that are going to delight and surprise you.

Catch all the auction action Thursday, March 14th (Pi Day!!!) at 8pm EST right here, and only here, on!

One notable highlight coming at you this week is something I have had my eye on for a few months now. Its a really incredible custom Victorian memorial featuring two casket plaques for siblings that died days apart. It has been hanging on a buddy's wall for a while, and finally made its way into my hands, to bring to you all.

The plaques are for William Moulton, who died December 27th, 1863 at age two years, three months, and sibling Effie Moulton who died three days later, aged five months, two days.

Both plaques are housed in a gorgeous shield-shaped shadow box. Prospective buyers please note that there is a small damage to the glass, with a little missing piece.

This week's show will also feature a number of really wonderful books, most of which will be revealed come show time. One book of note, however, is a small 1853 volume entitled "Necromancy or Pseudo-Spiritualism," a published pair of sermons on the rise of the spiritualism movement, which was a subject of great interest at the time.

I am also very excited to have a pair of incredible antique medical roll-up posters for this week's auction. Both were published in the United States by DeNoyer Geppert Co. out of Chicago as part of the Winslow Health and Hygiene Series, as edited by Dr. C.E.A. Winslow. Bidders will have their choice between a poster demonstrating the circulatory system, and one demonstrating the nervous system. Both are in very, very good condition and ready to display.

Other than those few highlights, this week's show is really a mixed bag of sweet surprises. You're going to find loads of fun photography, like a photo of the rear-end of a freakishly large cow, or a photo of a very patriotic, chubby baby; you'll get to bid on fun, quirky things like a vintage plastic pumpkin, or an antique metal clown lamp; there will be art prints of various subjects, statues of dogs and pretty ladies, a vintage ouija board. Its sort of an anything goes week where a good time is the ultimate goal. And that's something I can guarantee (all other items sold as-is).

Tune in Thursday, March 14th, at 8pm EST, right here, and only here, on! See you then!

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