Auction Highlights for Thursday 4/4/2024

Auction Highlights for Thursday 4/4/2024

Unlike last week, when I knew I had a big auction on Wednesday to load up on merch for the Thursday show, this week is looking pretty dry on the auction front, so I knew I had to make the weekend count. Saturday I hit up a super quick in-and-out tailgate antique show just down the road a way, and picked up a few neat things. There was nothing happening locally on Sunday, so I took off at 4:30am to Connecticut for the Mansfield Drive In Flea Market. It was my first time there, and I had read that they don't open til 8:00am, but typically if a flea market's official opening time is 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, buyers are there picking between 4:00 and 5:00am. Little did I know that Mansfield has a hard 8:00 opening time, with the market gated off until then. So I got there with a couple hours to kill... hours I could have spent still in bed. Whoops!

Neither of the markets turned up a whole lot of stuff, though there were indeed a few interesting finds. Together with some really fun consignments for this week, Thursday's show is shaping up to be a good one! I hope you'll join us.

The auction goes down Thursday, April 4th, at 8pm EST right here and only here on!

Here are some highlights:

Antique Walrus Oosik / Baculum (Penis Bone)

Interesting Asian Wooden Masks

Ornate Electrified Brass Oil Lamp with Cherub Heads

Volumes II and III of Edgar Allan Poe's Works, 1859, J.S. Redfield Publisher

Blow Mold Halloween Witch Noise Maker (Cracked)

December 1980 Playboy Magazine in Braille

Antique Danish Stork Umbilical Cord Clip

Empty Photo Album with Bird on Cover

Goody Magic Reader Question and Answer Game

Naughty Brass Tray with Booty on Back

Creepy 8mm Films

Figural Lady Head Inkwell

Early 20th Century Beauty and the Beast Book, Illustrated

1914 Vampire Bat Postcard

Odd Fellows FLT Friendship Love and Truth Grave Markers

Weapons of Christ Brass Crucifix

Art Deco Figural Metal Ornament

Collection of Stick Pins

Antique Spiderweb Clock Glass

Antique Medicine Cup with Clock Face

Vintage Tin Litho Clown Bank

Figural Cherub Match Safe

Wooden Lion Head Carving

Wonderful Antique Photography

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