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Victorian Lace-Up Black Leather Women's Boots, High-Top Shoes, by Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.

Regular price $80.00

This stunning pair of Victorian era lace-up black leather women's boots have a classic look and are in impressive condition for their antique age. They feature 2" heels and 16 holes for lacing. These boots have a maker's mark on the sole, identifying them as being the product of Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.

The boots have very few signs of wear. The souls are in outstanding condition, and the stitching is intact. There are some signs of wear and cracking in the leather, but mostly it looks great. The laces are well worn and may need to be replaced. The boots are stuffed with tissue paper for safe shipping and so they maintain their shape.

Please review the following approximate measurements carefully - returns for fitment will not be accepted.

Heel to toe length: 9.75"
Widest point on sole: 2.75"
Narrowest point on sole:
Ankle diameter:
Overall height:
Heel height: