The Satellite Bank by Duro Mold and M.F.G. Inc., Mechanical Spaceship Rocket Metal Coin Bank

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This very cool retro-futuristic mechanical bank was manufactured by Duro Mold and M.F.G. Inc. out of Detroit, Michigan. It features a rocket, spaceship, or satellite ready for launch on top of a half globe. The rocket has a coin launcher, that when pushed down, locks in place. When you place a coin in it, and press up on the button below it, the launcher shoots the coin up and inside the bank. The bottom is labelled, "The Satellite Bank." This bank is missing the stopper on the bottom of the bank, and will not hold coins unless one is installed. A label on this bank identifies it as being a souvenir of Windsor Federal Savings Association of Windsor, Connecticut.

The bank is in good vintage condition. Mechanically, it works perfectly. Cosmetically, there is a decent amount of paint loss and chipping that is visible in the photographs.

This item measures 3.25" L x 3.25" W x 10.25" H.