Pyrex Primary Colors Round Graduated Mixing Bowls - Set of Four

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Here is a set of beautiful Pyrex mixing bowls from the 1950s known as the "Primary Colors" or 400 series. The set includes one blue, one red, one green and one yellow bowl. These are quintessential vintage Pyrex. They are in mostly good condition with some signs of use. These were workhorses once upon a time and have been exposed to electric mixers and dishwashers, but the colors remain bright and vibrant with only minor color loss. The condition of this set is better than many I have seen. All bowls are marked Pyrex on the bottom.

The blue bowl (401) measures 5.75" across and 3.25" tall. 

The red bowl (402) measures 7.25" across and 3.75" tall.

The green bowl (403) measures 8.75" across and 4" tall. I

The yellow bowl (404) measures 10.25" across and 4.5" tall.