Minolta Zoom 8 Motion Picture Movie 8mm Film Camera in Case

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Here is a very cool vintage 8mm motion picture film camera by Minolta - the Minolta Zoom 8 - in its original leather case. The camera has a great vintage look to it. The camera features a 10-30mm f/1.8 zoom lens. It shoots in 12, 16, and 24 frame per second frame rates. The camera is battery operated. It is in good condition with nice paint throughout. There is some significant wear in the rubber handle, which you can view in the photographs. The leather case is in fair condition with significant wear, and is missing its strap. Other accessories include the original manual, a film canister, and a lens cap.

This is a vintage camera and is sold as is with no guarantees as to functionality. It has not been film tested. Though there is a possibility it is operational, it should be considered a collectors item or shelf piece.