Light Shining in Darkness, Volume II, by William Huntington, S.S., Copyright 1806

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Here is an antique book dating all the way back to 1806. Light Shining in Darkness, or Heavenly Rays from Dark Sayings Being A Few Private Thoughts of Some Obscure Passages of Scripture, Volume II (wow that's a long title) was written by William Huntington, S.S., minister of the Gospel at Providence Chapel, Little Titchfield-Street, and at Monkwell-Street Meeting. It was published in London by E. Huntington, Bookseller, No. 21 High Street, Bloomsbury, and printed by T. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street. This book is in good antique condition and shows many signs of wear and use consistent with its age and handling. The book and binding are very stiff and will need to be handled with care. There is some damage to the covering of the spine, but the binding is in good condition. There is some partial cover separation on both the front and back covers, but the covers will remain attached with careful handling. There are some age and water spots throughout the book on the very, very old paper.