Keystone Moviegraph Model 572N Hand Crank Film Projector, Boston, Massachusetts

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Here is a great antique film projector, the Keystone Moviegraph Model 572N. This hand cranked movie projector is in good working condition and appears to operate normally. It includes the original lens as well as the manufacturing tag from the Keystone Manufacturing Company out of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I believe this projector is used to project 16mm movie film. It originally would have had a spool above the lens, but unfortunately that spool is missing. The metal projector sits on a wooden base. A high wattage light bulb is included, but is not guaranteed to survive the rigors of shipping. The cloth and rubber power cable is in good condition, though the cloth is significantly frayed toward the plug. The rubber coating is intact.

Dimensions: 6.785" W x 7.5" D x 9" H