Hanley's Peerless Ale Bulldog Tin Litho Beer Tray, Providence, R.I., 12"

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The graphics on this tin litho beer tray are too cool. A beastly bulldog sits over Hanley's name in bright red block letters. Below that, a great "Peerless Ale" logo, and around the bottom of the tray "Brewed in Rhode Island's Largest Brewery." The interior edge of the tray reads, "The James Hanley Company, Providence, R.I." in gold lettering on a bold red background.

This tray is in good vintage condition. As you can see in the photos, there is some heavy scratching, mild rust, and slight paint loss throughout the face of the tray. The back side of the tray is heavily scratched and rusted, and it looks like someone carved their names into the bottom, possibly to present as a gift. Still, this tray shows its history and is ready to make more as part of your home.

This tray measures 12" in diameter and is approximately 1.375" thick.