End of the Trail Cast Iron Bookend with Whirling Logs Border, 1928

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Please note that this item features the ancient Swastika symbol, most commonly associated in modern times with the Nazi party. However, in this context, the symbol would more aptly be described as the whirling logs, a Native American symbol for prosperity, healing, and luck. If you feel this item's inclusion in my store is inappropriate, I encourage you to contact me with your concerns. This store and I stand firmly against Nazism in all its forms, including the modern surge of white nationalism.

This single cast iron bookend features the famous "End of the Trail" scene of a Native American Indian warrior struck by an arrow on his horse. The cast iron shows a lovely antique patina and is free from cracks or breaks. It does show wear, but overall is in great condition. The scene is surrounded by the Native American, more specifically Navajo, "whirling logs" symbol for good luck. The back of this bookend describes the scene as "The Last Trail," lists "Copyright 1928," and the style is described as "Style 1."

Dimensions: 4" L x 1.5" W x 3.75" H