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Elgin 7-Jewel 18s Railroad Pocket Watch, 1901

Elgin 7-Jewel 18s Railroad Pocket Watch, 1901

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Here is an antique railroad pocket watch manufactured by Elgin National Watch Company in the United States in 1901. This wonderful watch has the serial number 9157634. To find the most detailed information about this watch, please enter that serial number in the Elgin Watches Serial Number database, accessible here: This watch is not currently functioning. When the watch is wound, the hour, minute, and second hands spin, suggesting that the winder is stuck in the adjustment position. I have made no attempts to repair this watch and am selling it as is. The watch case features an old time train engine on the back cover. The case was manufactured by the Philadelphia Watch Case Company. It is marked SILVERODE but is not made of silver. The case has the serial number 331220. The case is in good condition with a nice patina and wear consistent with use. The thick glass window is in good condition, but does have a small scratch on the face. There is also a small imperfection on the side of the glass that looks like a small bubble; it is emphasized in the photographs.

Dimensions: 2.25" x 3.25" x 0.75"

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