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Eastman Kodak Six-16 Kodak Folding Camera

Eastman Kodak Six-16 Kodak Folding Camera

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Here is a beautiful antique Six-16 Kodak folding camera manufactured by Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York, United States. The camera is in very nice condition and has a unique octagonal lens plate as well as art-deco embellishments along the edges. The leatherette coating is peeling slightly on the front of the camera, but is still secure and intact. The bellows appear to be in good condition and the camera folds and unfolds smoothly. It features a No. 1 Diodak shutter and a Kodak Anastigmat 126mm f/6.3 lens. The shutter appears to function normally.


This is a vintage camera and is sold as is with no guarantees as to functionality. It has not been film tested. Though there is a possibility it is operational, it should be considered a collectors item or shelf piece.

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