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Antique Mourning Needlepoint Embroidery, "We Mourn Our Loss" - 23.5" x 11"

Regular price $100.00

Here is a morbid reminder of the passing of a loved one, dating back to the Victorian era. This antique needlepoint embroidery reads, "We Mourn Our Loss," and likely hung in a family's parlor following a death. This tapestry has seen better days, and much of the thread has severely deteriorated behind the frame. However, the needlepoint is still clearly legible, and the wear adds to its authenticity. The antique wooden frame shows similar wear and patina, and has a chunk out of the top left, which is not visible when facing from the front. This is a very cool mourning oddity that came from the same estate as already-sold postmortem photography.

Dimensions: 23.5" x 11"