IOOF Independant Order of Odd Fellows Representative Medal & Red Ribbon, 1913

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For sale is an antique medal and ribbon from the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF). It appears to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Walla Walla Grand Lodge of Washington. It is in good condition with a beautiful patina on the metal.

It starts with a pinback metal badge with an all-seeing eye, the word "REPRESENTATIVE." Below that are three links with the letters FLT each in a link. FLT stands for friendship, love, and truth, a popular Odd Fellows slogan.

Connected by a couple jump rings is a small badge with a cabin and the number two on it. The back of this badge reads "Enterprise Lodge -No.2- Walla Walla 1863-1913."

Finally, connected by a couple jump rings is a beautiful brass medal with enamel inlay. It reads "Walla Walla Grand Lodge of Washington. On the outside border of the badge are ears of corn and other grain, olive branches, flowers, and on the bottom a banner that reads "June 9-12." In the middle of the badge again is the all seeing eye, an image of a hive or lodge, and the date 1913. In the middle of the badge is a cane and a sword in a cross formation. THe back of this badge reads, "Walla Walla, The Home of Odd Fellows, and the Odd Fellow's Home."

Backing the entire assembly is a red ribbon. Please not that the ribbon has some fraying. Please see photographs for the most complete description.

This item measures approximately 2.25 x 4 inches.