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Memory Hole Vintage

Antique Composition Doll with Cloth Body, 16"

Antique Composition Doll with Cloth Body, 16"

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This poor doll has seen better day, but I still think she has plenty of antique charm left in her! The doll has a composition head and composition hands, with a cloth body filled with straw, and cloth legs filled with cotton or wool. It looks like this doll may be homemade.

This doll is in poor condition. The head and arms have significant crazing with total loss in some areas, including the right hand, and the back and side of the head. There is a very large hole squarely in the middle of this doll's felt back that looks like it was intentionally made, possibly as a hiding place. However, the cloth and straw are stable and it is not falling apart.

This item measures 5" L x 3" W x 16" H.

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