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99th New York State Assembly Autograph Book, Belonging to J.E.B. Santee, 1876

99th New York State Assembly Autograph Book, Belonging to J.E.B. Santee, 1876

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Here is an astounding piece of New York state legislative history! This unassuming green autograph album features the signatures of nearly all of the legislators belonging to the 99th New York State Assembly, which took place January 4 to May 3 of 1876. Many of these political leaders went on to serve in various roles in the United States Congress and other government positions throughout their lives. These autographs were collected by Assemblyman Jerry E.B. Santee of Steuben County, New York. This autograph book measures 7" L x 4" W.

This book includes the following signatures:

Jerry E. B. Santee Republican
Sumner Baldwin Republican
Walter Ballou Democrat
George W. Betts Republican
Joseph Drake Billings Republican
Amos A. Bissell Democrat
Shepard P. Bowen Republican
Daniel Bradley Democrat
Thomas W. Bradley Republican
John S. Brown Republican
Jonas W. Brown Republican
Henry G. Burleigh Republican
William E. Calkins Republican
Andrew J. Campbell Republican
Morris N. Campbell Republican
P. J. Carty Anti-Tam. Dem. Patrick J. Carty
Theodore A. Case Republican
Bertrand Chaffee Democrat
Harrison Cheney Republican
Arthur Clark Republican
William V. Cleary Democrat
Townsend D. Cock Democrat
Michael J. Coffey Democrat
Thomas D. Coleman Democrat
Alexander H. Crosby Democrat
Daniel Cruice Republican
James S. Davenport Democrat
I. A. Englehart Republican I. Albert Englehart
Joseph P. Fallon Democrat
James Faulkner Jr. Democrat
Hamilton Fish II Republican
Fred C. Fiske Republican
James H. Flanagan Democrat
Rodney A. Ford Democrat
George H. Forster Republican
Edward Gallagher Republican
John Galvin Democrat
Samuel B. Gardiner Democrat Signed twice
Eugene B. Gere Republican
John I. Gilbert Republican
Heman Glass Republican
William T. Graff Republican
James S. Graham Republican
Newton H. Green Republican
Thomas W. Green Republican
Sylvester Gridley Republican
Frederick Gugel Jr. Republican
William Gulick Republican
Emory W. Gurnee Democrat
Samuel D. Halliday Democrat
Thomas Hamilton Democrat
Thomas Hammond Republican
John J. Hanson Democrat
Isaac Israel Hayes Republican
A. Barton Hepburn Republican
C. Fred Herbst Republican
Albion P. Higgins Republican
Willard Hodges Republican
Joseph Hoffman Jr. Republican
John T. Hogeboom Republican
Lotus Ingalls Republican
M. P. Killian Democrat Martin P. Killian
James T. King Democrat
Lewis C. Lang Republican
William W. Lawson Republican
Alfred LeRoy Republican
Charles L. Lyon Democrat
William J. Maher Democrat Signed twice
Hiram Maxfield Democrat
Isaac H. Maynard Democrat
David McFalls Republican
John McGroarty Democrat
Myron A. McKee Republican
Edmund Miller Democrat
Burton G. Morss Democrat
Nicholas Muller 45th U.S. Congress
Allen Munroe Republican
Felix Murphy Anti-Tam. Dem.
Judson C. Nelson Democrat
Isaac Noyes Jr. Republican
Stephen J. O'Hare Democrat
Jonathan Ogden Republican
Emmett O'Neill Republican
Matthew Patten Democrat
Alvan T. Payne Democrat
Charles A. Peabody Jr. Republican
Isaac Plumb Republican
George I. Post Republican
Lewis Post Democrat
George H. Power Republican
John Preston Republican
John H. Reeve Democrat
John M. Roscoe Democrat
Allen S. Russell Republican
Charles M. Schieffelin Democrat
George Scramling Democrat
Edgar Shannon Republican
Richard U. Sherman Democrat
Thomas B. Simmons Republican
Peter Slingerland Republican
James J. Slevin Democrat
George B. Sloan Republican Speaker pro tempore
Carroll E. Smith Republican
John Southerland Democrat
Robert H. Strahan Republican
Adrian M. Suydam Republican
Charles F. Tabor Democrat
William F. Taylor Republican
Kneeland S. Townsend Republican
George M. Voorhees Democrat
Archibald Watts Republican
DeWitt Webb Republican
Adolphus E. Wenzel Democrat
George West Republican
George D. Wheeler Republican
William H. Whitney Democrat
George Y. Whitson Anti-Tam. Dem.
Davis Winne Democrat
Jacob Worth Republican
Jacob D. Wurts Democrat
James W. Husted Republican Elected Speaker


These members of the 99th New York State Assembly did not sign this book:

Lansing Becker Democrat
Townsend J. Potter Republican
William B. Ruggles Democrat
Seth Stanley Democrat
Tunis V. P. Talmage Democrat
Robert Waddell Republican
George W. Weiant Democrat


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