19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait Painting of A Woman, 34" x 39"

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Here is an expertly done 19th century 1800s oil on canvas portrait painting of a haunting looking middle aged woman. This painting was done at the M.V. Wilcox portrait studio in Providence, Rhode Island, per a stenciled label on the back of the canvas, underneath the contemporary protective board. This painting appears to be in its original massive gilt frame, reinforced with modern brackets. Note that there are some minor losses to the paint, as well as a couple of repairs done to the canvas, which you can see in the photographs. This framed painting measures 34" x 39".

Please note that the listed price for this painting includes shipping to any state in the lower 48 United States. If you are local to Jaffrey, NH and would prefer to pick this painting up in person, please get in touch for a reduced price.