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1930s Folk Art Cemetery Diorama, "The Grove Ghosts Inc.," Knights of Fun

1930s Folk Art Cemetery Diorama, "The Grove Ghosts Inc.," Knights of Fun

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Here is an incredible one of a kind folk art oddity. This is an entirely hand made wooden diorama of a cemetery featuring gravestones, text bubbles, and incredible pipe cleaner skeletons with plaster heads. A hidden card that pulls out of the front of the diorama reads, "Join 'The Grove Ghosts Inc.,' Knights of Fun, Sign up any night 8 P.M Till 4 A.M." The gravestones feature a variety of comical puns in their names such as Miss Filed, Poorly Filed, and Nobody Filed; also Atta Boy and Ima Boy. Based on some of the language in the text bubbles on a couple of the gravestones, one can infer that this folk art piece has some thematic relation to slavery or field labor, as the bubbles reference a superintendent and make use of stereotypical language (of which no offense is, on the part of this seller, intended). The diorama is in good condition, the main wooden platform is somewhat warped, likely from moisture wherever it was stored these many years. The diorama includes an opening and closing cemetery gate that sits at the back for the scene and is not attached to the main body of the piece.

The diorama measures measures 16" x 12", while the platform with the gate measures 21" x 3.5".

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