Vintage Raccoon Taxidermy Full Body Mount on Wood Logs

Regular price $225.00

Here is a charming and slightly frightening full body mount taxidermy Raccoon on a pair of wooden logs as a base. This mount has tons of character, from the startled and aggressive pose of the body, to the snarling face of the animal. The natural wood log base adds extra charm to the piece. The mount is very sturdy and in good condition, though there are some areas of damage. Both ears are damaged and peeling, but the fur helps the damage blend in so it is not overtly noticeable. There is some wear in the nose and mouth. The tail shows some wear and splitting, but has plenty of fur to cover it up. The paws are in good shape, though quite dusty.

The raccoon measures 23 inches from head to tail, and the base is 30 inches long. The animal stands 14 inches tall.