Framed Autographed Photograph of Burlesque Dancer Marie Cord, Given to "Chicken Joe"

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For sale is a vintage framed and autographed photograph of the 1940s burlesque singer and dancer Marie Cord. The autograph is addressed to Joe, aka "Chicken Joe,"Joseph B. Chesna. It reads "To Joe, Best Wishes, Marie Cord."

The photograph is in good vintage condition with signs of wear and staining. Please see listing photographs for a complete description.

According to

"Marie Cord was a lesbian singer and burlesque performer who frequented Playland. Marie Cord had beautiful red hair. Her lover was mannish. [The lover] wore her hair in a man's haircut. She went to a barber shop and wore men's suits and ties. This is how many lesbians looked at the time. They would wear shirts and ties, and take on the stance of men.

Marie was from Boston. She had gone to Hollywood, where she had a few bit parts. Whatever happened, she never made it. She was a singer. Everywhere she went, as soon as she walked in, everybody would request one of her songs, "Love Is Just a Game," and she would sing it. - Robert G."

The frame measures 8.75 x 10.5 inches.

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