Victorian Liberty Bell Mirrored Green Fabric Covered Cabinet Card Photo Album

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Here is an absolutely stunning example of Victorian craftsmanship. This ornately decorated photo album features a tin likeness of the famous Liberty Bell with a beveled mirror cut into the middle and a banner above that reads "Good Luck." The album also features gilded tin adornments throughout, including flowers and other decorations, along with an ornate latch mechanism. When the lid of the album is opened, the book folds down, revealing another large beveled mirror. The book contains fifteen heavy board pages for housing cabinet card, CDV, and tintype photographs. The album is currently empty. As is the case with many of these antique albums, the binding has significant deterioration and is not fully intact. However, this one is better than most. Also some of the interior pages have damage. This free standing album also features a stash box on the rear for storing trinkets, treasures, and photographs.

Dimensions: 11" W x 6" D x 15" H