Smith Premier No. 5 Upright Typewriter with Case, Made in USA, 1902

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Here is in the oldest typewriter that has ever been in the Memory Hole Vintage family - this Smith Premier No.5 antique upright typewriter that was manufactured in the United States of America in 1902! This typewriter is a behemoth, featuring both a full upper-case and full lower-case keyboard, as well as dedicated number and symbol keys. The Bakelite keys feature a surprisingly modern octagonal design and font. The pin-striping throughout this machine is in nice condition, and it makes a stunning display piece. Please see disclaimer below regarding functionality! This typewriter includes its original tin metal carrying case, so I guess you could call it a portable, despite its heavy weight!

Serial #: 1656

This typewriter is sold as an antique collectors item and should not be considered functional. Though some features do work, it is in need of cleaning, servicing, and ribbon replacement before it can be practically used.