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Remington Portable #3 (Blue and Teal), Made in USA, 1929

Remington Portable #3 (Blue and Teal), Made in USA, 1929

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Here is a really beautiful antique Remington Portable #3 manual portable typewriter in a lovely blue and teal two-tone color combination. It was manufactured in the United States of America in 1929. This Portable #3 includes a tab key, which is unusual, as most Portable #3 models had a "paragraph key," which had slightly different functionality from the more advanced tab function. This typewriter types nicely and includes a brand new black and blue ribbon already installed. Please note that the ribbon vibrator, the mechanism which lifts the ink ribbon up and down to meet the typing hammers, is a bit temperamental on this machine. As you can see in the typeface sample provided, this typewriter sometimes doesn't lift the ribbon high enough, or lifts it slightly too high, which can result in the letters being two-toned. Some may like this affect. If you do not, a solid black typewriter ribbon can be installed, which would remedy the problem.

Serial #: V194725

All typewriters sold by Memory Hole Vintage are fully functional and are sold with a brand new ink ribbon previously installed, unless otherwise noted. This means that all major functions work as expected and all keys type normally. As with most vintage typewriters, a key may stick or mistype occasionally, but that is to be expected of older machines. These typewriters have been cosmetically cleaned, but will include varying degrees of internal dust, scuffing, and other cosmetic imperfections. Please examine the photographs for a clear understanding of the machine you are buying. Happy typing!

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