Odd Fellows IOOF Crystal Fount Lodge No. 9 Sick List, Woburn, Massachusetts

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Here is an obscure relic of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, aka the IOOF - a sick list from Crystal Fount Lodge No. 9, a lodge formerly located in Woburn, Massachusetts. A sick list was a list the lodge would use to keep track of members who were sick, debilitated, or in need of assistance. Being on the sick list would entitle members to certain benefits and payments furnished by fellow lodge members, a kind of secret society insurance. Presumably this hand cut, hand draw sick list would have hung in the Crystal Fount lodge of Woburn. The glass door swings open for easy access to change out the names placed inside. There is a keyhole hanger on top, and another open notched mounting point on the bottom for secure mounting to a wall. The frame measures 15.75" x 16.5".