Nazi Swastika Flag Signed by US Army 89th CIC Detachment, Gotha, Germany, 1945

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This World War 2 Nazi flag swastika banner was signed by the United States Army 89th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment in Gotha, Germany, where it was captured, shortly after the end of the war on May 30th 1945.

Please note that Memory Hole Vintage denounces Nazism, fascism, and antisemitism in all its forms. This item is shared as part of our collection as a celebration of the triumph of good over these evils, as it represents the fall of Hitler's terrible regime and an end to Nazi reign over Europe.

This circular banner, likely once stitched into a larger Nazi flag, as indicated by some red fibers around the border, measures approximately 4 feet in diameter.

It includes the following signatures. (Note that some of the handwriting is difficult to read, so these are approximate spellings):

  • Russell S. Peterman
  • Ralph E. May
  • Harry B. Toombs
  • Joe Raulin
  • Laurion M. Japa
  • John J. Morace
  • Charly Eschy
  • Henry J. Kayun
  • Robert H. Rordello
  • 1st Lieutenant William S. Gillespie
  • John O. Yeen (1st HFA)
  • Lionel A. Owllet
  • Joseph B. Keating