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Matted Antique (c.1897) Anatomy Print, Plate LXIX: The Knee Joint

Matted Antique (c.1897) Anatomy Print, Plate LXIX: The Knee Joint

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PLATE LXIX: Figure 1. Anterior view of the Knee Joint in a state of Flexion, the Patella and its Ligament being removed. Figure 2. Anterior view of Knee Joint, the Patella, etc., preserved. The upper portion of the course of the Anterior Tibial Artery is seen. Figure 3. The lower half of the Knee Joint; the Femur, etc., being removed. The Articular Surface of the Tibia, remains of the Crucial Lig., etc., are seen.

This anatomy plate print was taken directly from the 19th century book Henke's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy, A Series of Plates Illustrating The Application of Anatomy to Medicine and Surgery as translated and edited by W.A. Rothacker, M.D., who was pathologist to Cincinnati Hospital and lecturer on pathological anatomy in Miami Medical College. The book was published in New York by John Beacham. The volume this print was pulled from had no date of publication, however a handwritten note on the first page read, “Clara M. Smith, Springfield, Mass., 5-21-1897,” dating this print to the 1890s, at the latest. This is an original antique, not a copy – it was pulled directly from the book. Any coloring was done by hand at the time of publication.

The print you will receive has been carefully stored in an acid free archival bag and displayed in a black matte board with backing. The matte measures 11" x 14" with an 8" x 10" opening. The picture you see is of the exact product you will receive, and the provided scan is an exact scan of the paper within. Again, this is not a reproduction, but an original hand-colored print from the 1890s.

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