Kewpie Poseable 10" Vinyl Doll by Cameo, Signed Rose O'Neill

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This is a lovely vinyl Kewpie doll, the famous character created by cartoonist Rose O'Neill in the early 20th century. This naked Kewpie doll has an poseable head and arms and is made of high quality vinyl. The upper back of this doll is signed Cameo, the company that manufactured Kewpie dolls starting in the 1960s. The bottom of the left foot is signed Kewpie, while the bottom of the right foot is signed Rose O'Neill

This doll is in good overall condition. However, it does have some white paint marks on its thighs, lower belly, and the back of its head. These marks are all visible in the photographs. They can probably be carefully cleaned off, but I have opted to leave them be to avoid damaging the item.

This Kewpie measures 7.75" L x 2.5" W x 10.5" H.