Hampden Ale Brewing Company "Handsome Waiter" 13-Inch Beer Tray, Willimansett, MA, 1934

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Here is an outstanding example of the Hampden Ale "Handsome Waiter" beer serving tray out of Willimansett, Massachusetts. It is in excellent condition, better than most, with minimal signs of wear. It is marked with a copyright date of 1934. There is a slight drink ring on the top right corner which is visible when held in direct light, as well as a small stain on the left. The paint is in good shape and the image is crisp. There are some specs of wear, as well as some minor paint loss around the green rim. There is a saw toothed picture hanger super glued to the back of the tray so that it can be hung on the wall.

Diameter: 13"