Exceptional American Antique Memory Scrap Book Spanning a Decade, 1914 to 1924

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For your consideration is an absolutely exceptional antique American memory book and scrapbook spanning the important decade between 1914 and 1924. This book is absolutely jam packed every page, save a few pages at the very end. It doesn't contain mere scraps, but many, many three dimensional objects including costume pieces, letters, cut outs, secret notes, small medals, playbills, toys, and even a WWI German soldier's shoulder strap brought back from the war. Additionally the book has plenty of hand written diary-like entries, countless photographs, and a poignant mention of the influenza of 1918.

This book seems to have been compiled by a young girl starting around high school and up through college. She appears to have been involved in many fraternities and sororities and had a very active social life. She has included many bits of ephemera from Peoria, Illinois, but seems to have done a fair amount of traveling. Looking through this book you will get a profound sense of the woman she was.

Included with the sale are some loose documents that came with this book when I purchased it, including receipts for burial plots and other funerary documents, that may point to the collector's identity.