Arranbee R&B Composition Baby Doll with Creepy Eyes and Cloth Body, 20"

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Here is a lovely and creepy vintage composition doll with a composition head, arms, and legs. The doll is marked R&B, also known as Arranbee, on the back of her neck. The doll has painted hair and eyebrows and red painted lips. The weighted eyes open and close and are a very orange/yellow hazel-like color, giving this doll an eerie look. Unfortunately the doll's left arm is partially severed from the cloth body and may need to be repaired. The nude cloth body appears to be stuffed with cotton and is stitched with white thread. There is some degradation in the composition including minor cracking in the paint and chips here and there. This doll does not include any clothes. This doll measures 20" from head to toe.