Antique Rock of Ages Chromolithograph Print by H. Hallett & Co, Portland, ME, 1879 - 15.5 x 19.25"

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Here is a stunning chromolithograph print of the iconic image known as the Rock of Ages, commonly used as a tattoo reference. This chromolithograph was printed and published by H. Hallett & Company out of Portland, Maine, and bears a copyright of 1879. The print, which was pulled out of a Victorian era scrapbook, sits behind a very nice light orange matte in an all wood frame with a gold border. Please note the sinking ship and holy bible present in this version of the print, which are sometimes absent from other copies of this image. The frame and print are both in good condition. Please note that there is a bit of wear in the print a couple inches down from the top right corner where glue from the scrapbook was removed. The frame measures 15.5" x 19.25".