Antique Eyeglasses Captured by Crew of The Frigate Potomac at the Battle of Quallah Battoo, 1832

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Here is a unique opportunity to own a piece of maritime history! These antique eyeglasses, housed in a custom carved wooden case, were captured by a crew member of the Frigate Potomac under the US Navy at the Battle of Quallah Battoo during the first Sumatran expedition. An inscription on the left side of the case reads, "captured at the battle of Quallah Battoo off Sumatra, Feb 6, 1832 by one of the crew of the frigate Potomac, J. Bailey." On the right side of the case the name Jef Bailey is written, further identifying J. Bailey. His full name was most likely Jefferson Bailey, but I am unable to find further information about him. However, information about the expedition, battle, and frigate is readily available online. Please note that the eyeglasses themselves are in poor condition. The left side glass is cracked in two places, and the right side glass has a small chip in it. Also, the right side arm is missing. Still, considering what these glasses have been through, and what they have seen, their condition is surprisingly good!

Dimensions (of case): 5.75" L x 2.5" W x 0.75" H