Supporting Spotty

Supporting Spotty

Spotty was so shy and so scared the first day he came home, shaking the whole car ride in fear of where we were headed. He quickly warmed up to me and we watched Homeward Bound together on the couch that first night. I learned then and have continued to learn every day that once this dog loves you, he loves you forever, and that as his adoption ad said, he's truly sweet as honey.

As some of you may know, poor Spot has been suffering from a leg injury the past couple months, and needs a TPLO surgery to repair a partially torn ACL. Earlier this week I posted an update about this to Instagram asking for kind thoughts, treat-filled visits to spoil him before his surgery, and for financial support through sales in the store and online. I have been overwhelmed by how supportive everyone has been of my sweet boy - so many people have sent their positive vibes, come by to visit and make sure he knows he is loved, brought him treats and toys, and bought some really great finds from the store. In fact, this past week has been the busiest sales week at Memory Hole Vintage since we opened in July of 2016. I couldn't be more grateful for this, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Thank you all so much.

Spotty's surgery is scheduled for Monday, and he'll have a three month recovery period. Unfortunately that means he won't be in the shop to greet you all in the coming weeks. Being a shop dog has really helped lil' Spoterino come out of his shell the past few years, and I am so proud of how brave he has become, and so thankful for everyone that has been patient with my shy guy. He'll miss your visits! But he'll be back soon.

In the meantime, I continue to ask for your positive thoughts and good vibes! I'm offering 20% off all in store sales to any Spotty fans that mention him when they checkout. Additionally, I'm doing gift card bonuses where if you buy a $25 gift card, I'll load it with $30, $50 gets loaded with $60, $75 gets you $90, $100 gets you $125, and so on.

Thanks again to everyone from me, Spotty, and our family for all of your support! It really means the world. NEW STUFF coming into the shop on Wednesday. Be sure to stop by!

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