Down the Memory Hole (1914-1924)

Down the Memory Hole (1914-1924)

I feel like titling this post "Down the Memory Hole" is a bit of a risk, because I've used that phrase many times when dealing with items that I think are the quintessential representations of what I want Memory Hole Vintage to be about. But, I'm not sure if I'll ever find an item that quite encompasses what I mean when I say "Memory Hole" as this absolutely exceptional 1914-1924 Memory Book scrap book.

This book is absolutely jam packed with the memories and mementos of the life of a still unidentified young girl whose coming of age crossed major historical events like World War One and the Influenza of 1918, both of which are mentioned with artifacts in her pages.

As this girl grew up through high school and college, she had an incredibly active social life, being invited to numerous dances and rush parties held by fraternities and sororities. There are countless artifacts from these events, but my favorite is this top secret note I found tucked in an envelope inviting her to some kind of secret meeting:

There are untold secrets and stories to uncover with this truly one of a kind item. It is the kind of time capsule that allows us to peek back into a very personal, some would say "historically unimportant," perspective of an individual lost to time. But I think every person is more important, and I am much more interested to peer into the past of a person who never achieved great fame or power than I am in a president or performer. This is so much more poignant, intimate, and genuine. I am so grateful that it survived all of these years and found its way into my hands. And if you're so inclined, it is available in the shop, and I would love to pass it on to you.

- Ryan

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