Auction Highlights for Thursday 2/29/2024 (Updated!)

Auction Highlights for Thursday 2/29/2024 (Updated!)

A relatively tame auction last week lit a fire under my ass to really hit the ground running to put together this week's show! My picking adventures brought me all over the Northeast, with stops in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont. The end result is what I hope will be an incredibly fun and lively auction with lots of familiar faces, and a few new ones.

This week's auction happens Thursday, February 29th, at 8pm EST right here on! I hope you'll join us.

Here are some highlights:

Wednesday Update

A ton of fresh stuff just came in from consignors, so I am updating this post to share some of the whimsical and wonderful finds they sent in. These items include a 1930s Clippo the Clown marionette by Effanbee with custom stand, an antique brass censor, antique hand forged locks, a vintage clown face bean bag toss game converted to a mirror, a 1950s Ohio Art tin toy Toe Joe acrobatic clown, a similar acrobatic clown named Jimmy from Western Germany, a pair of vintage clown shoes, a stack of vintage carnival tickets, a 1950s battery operated bubble blowing monkey, a wind up cymbal bashing monkey toy, and so much more. This week's auction keeps growing, so be sure that you're tuned in and ready to go Thursday at 8pm EST, right here on!

Original Post:

Hand Colored Victorian Mourning Lithograph

Opening Bid: $25

I am always after these mourning lithographs. The printer name on this one is obscured by the mat, but its likely by Currier. It memorializes poor little deceased Lovel Abial Mitchell who died on December 9th, 1848, at the age of one year, eight months, and seven days.

Seth Thomas Guardian Angel Clock

Opening Bid: $25

This seems to be a rare version of this clock, or perhaps one that has been altered. Versions of this gorgeous clock online typically have a little girl at the angel's side, but the version I have in this week's show has a little winged cherub instead. Regardless of who stands beside the angel, this clock is an incredible decorative art that would look amazing on the mantle of any collector of Victoriana. The clock works seem to tick away somewhat sporadically, and I can't get it to run exactly right, so, as with everything, it is being sold as-is. I think it would be a great investment to have it restored to working order to enjoy for years to come. In addition to the figure beside the angel, this clock seems to differ from other versions in that it has a grey wash paint over the pot metal construction, whereas others appear to be brass or bronze in color. The paint on this one gives it a nice look reminiscent of stone gravestones.

Assorted Sideshow Performer CDV Photographs

Opening Bid: $25 each, Sold on choice

I was incredibly delighted to come into this amazing collection of antique sideshow performer CDV photographs this week. Most are taken by famed New York Bowery photographer Charles Eisenmann, who made quite a career out of photographing side show and theater performers. We'll likely sell these photos on choice, with an opening bid of $25 each, come auction time. Have a look at the choices below.

Eli Bowen, Wife, and Child; "The Legless Wonder," "The Legless Acrobat;" Photographed by A. Newman, Philadelphia

Unknown Big Lady Performer; Photographed by Abraham Bogardus, New York

Unknown Albino Girl; Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Che Mah, "The Chinese Dwarf;" Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Henrik Brustad, "The Norwegian Giant;" Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Waino and Plutano, 45 Pounds, "The Wild Men of Borneo;" Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Thin Man Isaac W. Sprague, Weight 46 Pounds; Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Miss Annie Jones, Bearded Lady; Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

Illavaro the Egyptian, Photographed by Charles Eisenmann

The Sutherland Family of Seven Sisters, Singing Group

More Items of Interest

I'm in kind of a rush to finish this blog post and start posting the week's show on Instagram, plus I'm exhausted from a weekend on the road, so I'm not going to say much about the rest of this week's stuff. Instead, I'll let it speak for itself. Lots of fun stuff coming your way this Thursday. Don't miss it! See you there.

That Devil Rag Sheet Music, Framed

Antique Bone Handled Tooth Extractor

Antique Stanhope Cross and Other Jewelry

Belladonna Poison Apothecary Bottle

Little Red Riding Hood Victorian Six-Sided Puzzle

Antique German Boardgame with Devil on Box

Profusely Illustrated 19th Century French Medical Dictionary

Punch and Judy Cast Iron Doorstops

Gravestone Catalogs

Frank S. Betz Company Rectal Dilators With Instructions

Felix the Cat Vision Tester Stereocards

Victorian Doves Watercolor and Pen and Ink Painting

1920s Snapshot Photo Album

Victorian Family Photo Album with CDVs and Tintypes

Hidden Mother Framed Cabinet Card Photo

Cool Inlaid Crucifix

Vintage Hand Carved Tourist Gift Shop Mask

Folk Art Wood Cuts

Masonic Ephemera

FLT Friendship Love and Truth IOOF Odd Fellows Grave Marker

Hand Carved Wooden Dog Inkwell

Popeye Pipe Toss Game

Universal Stoves and Ranges by Cribben & Sexton Co. Chicago Tip Tray

Pop-Up Toys

Antique Wooden Trinket Boxes

Teeny Tiny Skull Charm

Group Photo in Early Automobile

Lion of Lucerne Carving

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