Smith-Corona Model S-C Manual Portable Typewriter in Maroon with Case, 1930s

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This antique 1930s Smith-Corona model S-C in stunning, glistening maroon is one of my favorite typewriters to ever come through the shop. Its impossibly stylish, and works just as beautifully as it looks. This floating shift machine includes a fresh black ribbon with plenty of life left in it so you can start typing right out of the box. It includes its original carrying case for easy and compact portability. The keys are snappy and quick and return with ease. When testing, I found that a couple of the number keys were a bit sticky, but after working them for just a moment, they freed up and return like all the others. This typewriter is very clean, but does have some of the dust and build-up typical of antique machines. The Smith-Corona graphic on the back, as well as the words "Made in USA" have some wear, likely from being removed and replaced in the case. The rest of the lettering, however, is bright and bold.

Serial #1047812

This typewriter will be boxed and shipped in the exact condition described here. However, please note that antique manual typewriters have a large amount of delicate moving mechanical parts that are prone to damage during the stress of shipping. Returns due to shipping damage will not be accepted, unless they are due to improper packaging.