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Corona 3 Manual Portable Folding Typewriter with Case, 1921

Corona 3 Manual Portable Folding Typewriter with Case, 1921

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This antique typewriter by the Corona Typewriter Company is known as the Corona 3, but is sometimes also referred to as the Model 3 or No. 3. The latest patent date on this machine is 1917, but the serial number dates it to 1921 according to the Typewriter Database. This rare typewriter folds to an extremely portable size of just 10.5 x 8.5 x 4.25 inches. It comes with its original carrying case, but please note that the case does not latch, likely due to a missing part on the case. As it sits, this typewriter is a lovely piece of typewriter history that would look great on display, but is not currently functioning. A quick inspection reveals that the draw band is broken and at least one spring on the carriage is damaged. All of the keys work smoothly, however they stick when hammered down. This could likely be solved with some alcohol brushed into the segment. A local typewriter shop could probably get this in beautiful working condition with ease, but I am selling it as is.

Serial #434835

This typewriter will be boxed and shipped in the exact condition described here. However, please note that antique manual typewriters have a large amount of delicate moving mechanical parts that are prone to damage during the stress of shipping. Returns due to shipping damage will not be accepted, unless they are due to improper packaging.

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