Antique Unmarked Half Plate Dry Plate Wooden Camera with f/8 Lens

Regular price $300.00

Here is an incredible antique half plate sized dry plate photography camera. The camera features stunning wood and brass construction and is assembled with slotted screws, hinges, and cut finger-joints. It includes a brass f/8 lens with lens cap. Both camera and lens are unsigned. Several parts of the camera are marked with a stamped 11, but no other identifying marks could be found, inside or out. The lens is marked with f-stops only. going from f/8 to f/64. The camera does not appear to have a shutter mechanism. The camera is in good condition. The bellows are in good shape, though there are holes at some of the corners which would need to be repaired to use this camera. The leather hand strap on the top is heavily deteriorated, and one side has broken off. The hand-strap holder appears to have been glued onto the wood frame. The camera disassembles and folds smoothly.

Dimensions (Assembled, Unfolded): 8" W x 11.5" D x 8" H