Memory Hole Mystery Box - Vintage, Antiques, and Oddities Box Made to Order

Regular price $34.00

Memory Hole Mystery Boxes are packed with vintage and antique trinkets and treasures of all kinds to delight and surprise you! Every box is different and made to order, so if you have any specific requests or interests, be sure to include them in the order notes, and we'll try to cater your box to you!

Mystery Boxes come in two sizes:

6x6x4" Box
10-15 Items
$34 Shipped

10x8x6" Box
15-25 Items
$56 Shipped



Open up a Mystery Box
And a world will unfold.
If these treasures could talk
What stories would be told!

Teenies and tinies,
And bigger finds too,
The tarnished and shiny,
All delivered to you.

Old things and gold things,
Covered in dust.
And even a few things,
Covered in rust.

I can't say what you'll find,
That mystery must not be spoiled.
Indulge your curious mind,
My vintage lovers loyal.

Different sizes for you,
With shipping included.
Buy now and be true,
For this poem is concluded.