MEGA Ephemera Box - Huge Assortment of Mixed Antique Paper for Scrapbooking & More - 18x14x4"

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Grab a Memory Hole MEGA Ephemera Box absolutely packed with antique and vintage paper ephemera from old newspapers and magazines to advertising and photography, books and comics, postcards and pinups, flyers and pamphlets, maps and letters - anything and everything you can think of!

This is an 18" x 14" x 4" box absolutely jammed with amazing stuff that will transport you to an earlier time! Each box will bring you hours of entertainment and fascination as you discover historic stories, from the world stage to the deeply personal.

This box is ideal for scrapbookers, artists, history lovers, stationary fanatics - there will truly be something for everyone in each box. Great to unbox for a family night! There will also be many items worthy of framing and displaying your home!